When we look back, throughout history of the world, human have been hit by pandemics caused due to infectious or communicable diseases time and again. The first recorded pandemic was Typhoid fever in 430 B.C. in Athens, Greece. Pandemics have a destructive pattern that has caused death, chaos and sometimes bringing an end to entire empires and civilizations.

History of

If we only look back into the 1900’s, the following infectious diseases have affected humans:

  1. Spanish Flu in 1918 (Herd immunity or deaths)
  2. Asian Flu in 1957 (Vaccine developed and disease contained)
  3. Ebola Virus in 1976 and then reappeared in 2014 (Ervebo Vaccine)
  4. HIV/AIDS in 1981 (cure is yet to be found)
  5. SARS in 2003 (virus contained)
  6. H1N1 or Swine Flu first seen in 1918 and later emerged in 2009 (H1N1 Influenza vaccine)
  7. MERs (Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome) in 2012 (No Vaccine yet)
  8. Zika Virus (caused by Aedes mosquito) first appeared in 1952 and reemerged in 2007, 2013 and 2015 (No vaccine)
  9. The most recent and deadly Novel Coronavirus or COVID-19 in 2019 (No Vaccine yet).

Till a vaccine is not found and tested for COVID-19, all we can do is to prevent its spread. The most vulnerable to the infectious agent are Medical Health Workers, Treatment Centre staff, Testing Centre staff, Cleaning and Waste Management personnel, Burial or Cremation staff and all those who may come in close contact with the patients or carriers of the disease are to be protected.

Hence, it is very important that high-quality protection equipment must be used in order to keep the infection at bay. Using all the COVID essentials must be used very religiously without any negligence.

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The following are the high-quality COVID Essential Products :

  1. Alpha Face Guard HSN-95 – Face Mask :

    An HSN-95 Face Mask is an important component to keep yourself safe and it is essential to wear it all the times when around a patient or if you are suffering from cough or cold and avoid spreading the infection.

    The HSN-95 Face Mask provides two-way protection to the wearer as well as is easy to breathe in and breathe out. It fits to any face size and a metal nose pin ensures that dust particles or infection droplets do not enter your mask. It is comfortable to wear for long hours too, especially if you have to remain in closed spaces for a long time like offices, hospitals etc.

    The HSN-95 Face Mask is a must for everyone who is likely to be in vicinity of a patient. These masks can be reused after washing in a detergent and dis-infectant liquid to make sure all germs, virus, bacteria are destroyed and is again safe to use.

    Buy HSN-95 Face Mask now to keep yourself and others safe from infectious diseases.

  2. Alpha Health Protection Kit (Alpha HPK) :

    Your body requires a strong shield and that shield is immunity power to fight against germs, viruses, bacteria and all kinds of harmful diseases. To build this shield, you no longer have to take harmful chemicals, rather eating a balanced diet and consuming natural Ayurvedic products will make your body stronger without causing any harm.

    Alpha Health Protection Kit (Alpha HPK) is an Ayurvedic health kit. It contains 3 very important Ayurvedic products that help you build a strong immunity. Alpha HPK consists of 2 vial of Alpha 1 (Immunity Builder), 1 vial each of Alpha 11 (Cough relief) and Alpha 21 (Headache and cold)..

    Buy Alpha Health Protection Kit now to build a strong immunity to fight diseases.

  3. Alpha GK Sanitizers (Hand Gel) :

    It is very important to sanitize our hands with an alcohol-based sanitizer like Alpha GK. It is effective in killing germs on your hands or surfaces within 20 seconds. Alpha GK Hand Gel contains 66% alcohol and has essential oils to keep your hands soft and not become dry. It also comes in 10 different fragrances - French Lavender, Baby Blue Eyes, Ocean, Fresh Water & Aloe, Sparkling Limón cello, Mango Mai Tai, Sweet as Strawberries, Rose Water & Ivy, Warm Vanilla Sugar, Sensual Jasmine.

    Buy Alpha GK Sanitizer now to kill germs on your hands and surfaces.

  4. Alpha Organic Disinfectant (Alpha ODI) :

    Keeping your home and office away from germs and viruses by disinfecting using Alpha Organic Disinfectant. Disinfecting your home and workplace makes sure the space you live in or work in is safe. Alpha ODI kills germs effectively on all kinds of surfaces within seconds. You can also use ODI to disinfect your shoes if you have come from outside. You can also disinfect vehicles, bags, stationery, delivery boxes and more.

    Buy Alpha Organic Disinfectant now to disinfect your home, office, shop, factory effectively within seconds.

  5. PPE Kit – PPE or Personal Protective Equipment is a protective gear which is essential if the wearer is working with harmful chemicals or hazardous material or infectious diseases.

    Following are the main components of a PPE kit :-

    1. Coverall – A Coverall protects the wearer’s head with a hoodie, the torso, hands and arms and legs are well protected too to reduce contact with infection droplets.
    2. Apron – An Apron is a clothing that is worn over additionally to a gown or coverall to further reduce contamination.
    3. Mask – There are two main types of masks – a) Surgical mask which is a disposable mask but doesn’t protect the wearer much from infection droplets. b) HSN-95 Respirator mask which is most effective for the wearer especially if they are caregivers for infectious patients. It provides better protection than a surgical mask.
    4. Face shield – A face shield acts like a shield for a wearer’s face, eyes, nose and mouth.
    5. Gloves – Hand gloves are especially beneficial for the wearer if they are working with infection patients and touch highly contaminated surfaces.
    6. Bag for PPE Kit – The PPE Kit bag keeps your PPE Kit safe and clean from any infection or contamination.
    7. Bag for disposal – Infectious material, contaminated disposal items or waste material is better to be disposed-off in a disposal bag to avoid cross contamination.

    Buy PPE Kit now and keep your body safe from getting harmful germs, virus to infect you.

Why use PPE Kits?

For protection, PPE safety Kits or Personal Protective Equipment must be widely used and must be provided to all those who are at risk of contracting the disease. The disease spreads through mucus droplets from cough or sneeze and through accidental touch on surfaces that are contaminated. Think is like the seasonal cold and cough we suffer, but with a deadly outcome. A seasonal cold and cough can subside within 5-7 days with rest, good diet and hydration. Whereas, the incubation period for COVID-19 is from 1- 12.5 days and could spread from a person with mild symptoms to a person with very low immunity can could pose high risk.

We call upon industries to adopt the use of PPE Kits for their personnel like Airlines, Hotels, Resorts, Restaurants, Airports, Railways, Bus Stations and any closed or open Public places.

There are many types of Personal Protective Equipmentand many Personal Protective equipment manufacturers, hence it is very important that you only buy PPE Kits from a trusted and reputed company like ours.

COVID Essentials and Alpha Arogya, an Ayurveda herbal medicine company which offers the best Ayurvedic products online. One can buy Ayurvedic products, PPE Kits, and more from our website.

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