Best Personal Protective Equipment Manufacturer In India, Certified By WHO

Most countries including India has started to unlock in phases. Soon many businesses will resume business, but many are in a dilemma on how to gain the trust of your customers to buy your products and services. Especially services which cannot be provided online. However, there is a safe way to welcome your customers to Salons, Restaurants, Hotels, Resorts, Speciality medical clinics, retail shops, malls etc. by giving each of your employees, health care workers, point of contacts with PPE Kits (Best Personal Protective Equipment) that have ISO Accreditation.

Best Personal Protective Equipment

Best Personal Protective Equipment

Personal protective equipment is an essential safety gear which many people wear in their workplace. We have even seen airline companies providing these for their crew members and ground staff who come in close contact with passengers. It is a necessity now to protect employees from contracting COVID-19 or any other deadly infection, since it is spreading through infection droplets quickly when people sneeze or cough. You can learn more about COVID-19 through our FAQ page.

PPE safety gear is an important work wear which all businesses must adopt sooner or later. There are different types of personal protective equipment found in the market, but how to know which is a safe website to buy bulk high-quality PPE Kit orders?

COVID Essentials is a safe portal by GBS Group where you can buy many COVID Essential Products like PPE kits, Hand sanitizer, Immunity booster ayurvedic Health protection kit, Alpha Face Guard and Alpha Organic Disinfectant. Our PPE Kit consists of the following components: Coverall, Apron, N-95 Face Masks, Head Cover, Shoe Cover, Goggle, Face Shield, Gloves, Bag for PPE Kit and Bag for disposal.

GBS is one of the most trusted names and its manufacturing units Alpha Glamour Pvt. Ltd. and Alpha Arogya are one of the best PPE kit manufactures in India with Certification of:
1. WHO Certification
2. ISO certifications – ISO 45001 : 2018 Occupational Health and Safety
3. Management System, ISO 9001 2015 Quality Management System
4. ARHAM Quality control Laboratory, and more.

For more information about buying PPE Kits and other COVID Essential Products, contact us today, we have your back.

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