Alpha Face Guard HSN-95 – Face Mask :

An HSN-95 Face Mask is an important component to keep yourself safe and it is essential to wear it all the times when around a patient or if you are suffering from cough or cold and avoid spreading the infection.

The HSN-95 Face Mask provides two-way protection to the wearer as well as is easy to breathe in and breathe out. It fits to any face size and a metal nose pin ensures that dust particles or infection droplets do not enter your mask. It is comfortable to wear for long hours too, especially if you have to remain in closed spaces for a long time like offices, hospitals etc.

The HSN-95 Face Mask is a must for everyone who is likely to be in vicinity of a patient. These masks can be reused after washing in a detergent and dis-infectant liquid to make sure all germs, virus, bacteria are destroyed and is again safe to use.

Buy HSN-95 Face Mask now to keep yourself and others safe from infectious diseases.

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Alpha Health Protection Kit (Alpha HPK) :

Your body requires a strong shield and that shield is immunity power to fight against germs, viruses, bacteria and all kinds of harmful diseases. To build this shield, you no longer have to take harmful chemicals, rather eating a balanced diet and consuming natural Ayurvedic products will make your body stronger without causing any harm.

Alpha Health Protection Kit (Alpha HPK) is an Ayurvedic health kit. It contains 3 very important Ayurvedic products that help you build a strong immunity. Alpha HPK consists of 1 vial each of Alpha 1 (Immunity Builder), Alpha 11 (Cough relief) and Alpha 21 (Headache and cold).

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Alpha GK Sanitizers (Hand Gel) :

It is very important to sanitize our hands with an alcohol-based sanitizer like Alpha GK. It is effective in killing germs on your hands or surfaces within 20 seconds. Alpha GK Hand Gel contains 66% alcohol and has essential oils to keep your hands soft and not become dry. It also comes in 10 different fragrances - French Lavender, Baby Blue Eyes, Ocean, Fresh Water & Aloe, Sparkling Limón cello, Mango Mai Tai, Sweet as Strawberries, Rose Water & Ivy, Warm Vanilla Sugar, Sensual Jasmine.

Buy Alpha GK Sanitizer now to kill germs on your hands and surfaces.

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Alpha Organic Disinfectant (Alpha ODI) :

Keeping your home and office away from germs and viruses by disinfecting using Alpha Organic Disinfectant. Disinfecting your home and workplace makes sure the space you live in or work in is safe. Alpha ODI kills germs effectively on all kinds of surfaces within seconds. You can also use ODI to disinfect your shoes if you have come from outside. You can also disinfect vehicles, bags, stationery, delivery boxes and more.

Buy Alpha Organic Disinfectant now to disinfect your home, office, shop, factory effectively within seconds.

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What is Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Kit?

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is specialized clothing or equipment which a person wears to protect oneself from infectious materials or chemical hazards.

PPE acts as a guard between the wearer and the potential infectious agent or protects against exposure through body fluids that could contain an infectious agent that may be life-threatening in nature. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) like the name suggests is a protective gear that is designed to safeguard the wearers by reducing the exposure to any biological agent.

The PPE Kit includes goggles for eye protection, face-shield, mask for nose and mouth protection, disposable hand gloves, coverall/gowns (with or without aprons), head cover and shoe cover. For each component, guideline for its use is provided below:

- Coverall

Another very important component of a PPE Kit is a Coverall/gown that is designed to protect the whole body from the torso to the hand and arm protection down to the legs of the wearer from getting exposed by the virus.

It is vital that a person who is exposed to infectious patients for a large part of their day require an appropriate protective clothing. This coverall/gown creates a prominent barrier between the patient and the wearer drastically reducing droplet exposure.

Coveralls and gowns are both acceptable protective clothing. A full body gown is easier to wear and remove, provided the wearer also wears a head cover. Coverall body dressing gown with hoodie or an attached head cover is manufactured under strict standards that prevent the wear from getting exposed to biologically contaminated solid particles and protects against chemical hazards.

- Apron

Apron protective clothing is usually not a regular component, but is used when the wearer is going to perform some special tasks where:

  1. Splash of body fluids while taking care of the patients.
  2. Carrying or helping a patient perform hygienic tasks
  3. Cleaning contaminated surfaces or objects in a high-risk area

- Mask

The nature of any respiratory communicable disease like coronavirus is to enter a human body through the nose and mouth. Hence, it is extremely important to prevent this violation by encouraging everyone to wear a face mask. The face mask reduces the chances of infection droplets of an infectious patient / aerosols / contaminated hand to enter a healthy human body and effecting the mucous membranes.

It is very important however to wear the correct mask. Since, there are different types of mask designated for a particular risk prone individuals or personnel according to the nature of their work and possible exposure to the disease. There are two types of masks recommended for personnel working under various environments like hospitals or community settings:

1. Triple layer medical mask (One-way protection)

2. HSN-95 Respirator mask (Two-way protection)

- Surgical Mask

A triple layer medical or surgical mask is ideally a disposable mask or one-time use mask that is fluid-resistant, meaning it protects against infectious droplets emitted when a person coughs, sneezes or talks.

- HSN-95 Respirator

HSN-95 face masks or respirator masks are a respiratory protective device is an efficient and essential mask to be worn by persons who are at high risk of coming in contact with infectious patients. These masks provide high filtration efficiency to airborne particles and provide a mandatory close facial seal to the wearer yet have good breathability.

They can also be clearly identified with a duckbill/cup-shaped structural design that does not block against the mouth or nose. Such a face mask must have a metal nose clip to provide tighter air seal and maximum protection.

Hence, these masks provide far better protection for wearers from inhaling air bourne particles than triple layer medical masks.

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- Head Cover

If a person is using a gown as a protective component to cover their body, it is essential that they also wear a head cover to protect their head and neck when they provide clinical care to infectious patients. The head cover kit is such that it covers the hair and any hair extensions comfortably.

- Shoe Cover

Safety shoe covers are essential so as to prevent the spread of the infection from high-risk infection concentration wards or areas to low-risk ones. They are made from impermeable fabric and are worn over shoes to provide personal protection and help in decontamination.

- Goggle

Mucous Membranes of the eyes, nose and mouth are very likely to be contaminated by an infection and the purpose of the protective goggle is to prevent infection.

The contamination is likely to spread in the following scenarios:

  1. Through droplets caused due to cough or sneeze of an infected person
  2. During aerosol suspension carried out in hospitals or clinics or any other clinical setting.
  3. Unintentional or accidental touch to the eyes/nose/mouth with an infection contaminated hand

Goggles are eye shields and are an integral part of safety standard and help in adhering to precautions where exposure is possible. The goggles must provide clear vision to the wearer and the frame of the goggles must be flexible to fit any face, yet seal with the face. It must completely cover the eyes and the surrounding areas and even fit in with prescription glasses.

- Face-Shield

A Face-shield protects a person’s face from possible infection to the mucous membranes of the eyes, nose and mouth. Face shields are an important part of safety standard and help in adhering to precautions where exposure to infection is highly possible.

- Gloves

It is commonly noted that the spread of any infectious disease has doubled due to a person touching a contaminated surface or object and then unknowingly touched their own eyes, nose or mouth or touched another person. To avoid or reduce human to human spread of infection, one must exercise caution by wearing gloves when handling possible contaminated objects or surfaces.

Hand gloves are also of many types, but largely Nitrile safety hand gloves are preferred over latex gloves. Nitrile gloves have the quality to resist chemicals, certain disinfectants such as chlorine etc. Whereas, latex gloves are known to have caused allergies like allergic dermatitis among health workers. However, if you are unable to retrieve nitrile gloves then you could use latex gloves for short periods of time.

- Bag for PPE Kit

PPE Kit bag is essential to store your PPE kit in a safe and hygienic manner. It has multiple protective layers so that all your equipment is safe and can be securely stored from any infection and contamination.

- Bag for disposal

Disposal of waste material and any contaminated or disposable items needs to be done very carefully. When removing the PPE kits, the components which are disposable must be carefully placed in the waste disposal bags and then the disposal bags must be discarded as per the guidelines. After disposing the bags, it is very important that you perform hand hygiene through proper sanitization.